It’s weird which artists wind up getting used twice for this blog. Let’s take Ben Howard for instance who is making his second spot on this series (after already appearing once because of his single “Old Pine”). Here’s an artist that I had never even heard of before this February/March (not exactly sure when it was). But, he played my company’s SXSW showcase in Austin, TX, and I wrote our first little “Introducing” piece when we were rolling out the artists that were playing our showcase. Ever since I first heard his music, I’ve been crazy about it ever since then. His debut album, Every Kingdom, is so excellent that I’m really considering reviewing it for this site. Anyways, I’m specifically avoiding making any Song of the Day posts about bands that I’m seeing at Bonnaroo this year (one week!) ever since some arbitrary date a couple of weeks ago where I decided that (well the last time I used an act I am actually seeing at Bonnaroo was May 4th for Childish Gambino) because when I get back from Bonnaroo, I’m going to pick one song per band (in the order that I saw them) as my songs of the day. So that should ultimately be pretty fun. Ben Howard is playing Bonnaroo but he competes against tUnE-yArDs (who I know will make for a really awesome and eccentric show) and Fitz and the Tantrums so unfortunately, I won’t be seeing him. Both times I chose another act over him were two out of three of the toughest choices I had to make in regards to Bonnaroo. And trust me (you can read this article I did for work to see how much research I did for Bonnaroo) I had to make a lot of tough decisions. So, here is the song that’s tied with “Old Pine” as my favorite track off of Every Kingdom. I really have to catch Ben Howard live at some point.