All I’ve been listening to this last week or two (besides albums that I review for work) are bands that I’m seeing at Bonnaroo this year and as I said in my last Song of the Day post, I’m trying to avoid doing any songs from bands I’m seeing there. So, I’m having to just sort of pick random songs out of my head for this. And since I have about 120 GB of music on my iPod, I know a lot of songs and it’s hard to pick just one. Anyways, one of my favorite older bands that not a lot of people are familiar with (cause even when it comes to old music, I still sadly find ways to be a hipster) is the original alt-country rock act, Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. One of my favorite children’s authors, Shel Silverstein, was the principal songwriter for the group, and I don’t know. They just make really pretty and memorable ballads, and I love me a good ballad. I can put their greatest hits album on and listen to the whole thing and not find a single song I want to skip. It’s a little cheesy, but it’s the good kind of cheesy. One of my favorite Dr. Hook songs (and it was one of their biggest hits, if not their biggest hit) is “Sylvia’s Mother.” I swear to god that Outkast stole the idea for “Ms. Jackson” from this tune. It’s a gorgeous love song, and I hope everybody that reads this takes a second to listen and enjoy it. It’s a classic.