I don’t generally take extended breaks from this blog. Well, I don’t generally take intentional extended breaks from the blog. Ever since the infamous three week hiatus when we first started out, the longest I’ve gone without updating this blog in a long time was like 9 days. I even created my whole Song of the Day thing so that I would never not update the blog on any given day. However, as regular readers will know (as well as any of my friends), I’m going to Bonnaroo which is June 7-10. However, I’m leaving for Tennessee tomorrow morning. I won’t be back until late, late Monday. So, just as a heads up to all of my readers, I haven’t died. I’m just going to the biggest party this side of the Mason Dixon line (yes, I stole my own joke from a post I wrote for work. I don’t think I can plagiarize myself). I won’t have internet access that entire time so obviously I won’t be able to update the blog for Song of the Day posts. I thought about having a guest editor for the blog or writing posts ahead of time and having someone else push them live for me, but the former would lose the aspect where these are all songs that I’m personally recommending to my readers and the latter would lose the spontaneity that I so value in my Song of the Day posts as a record of my current tastes/mental state of mind. Well, I’ll see you all possibly again on Monday but if not, it will be Tuesday at the latest. Later peeps.