Quick (but important) blog announcement before I bowl into this Song of the Day. I will no longer be reviewing TV shows on a disc by disc basis. Because of my work for the webmagazine (and the impending return of school), I just don’t have the time anymore and honestly I just don’t have the energy for it these days. A lot of those posts feel more like chores than something I can actually enjoy. On to my second Song of the Day for the post-Bonnaroo years. One of the bands that I decided to see was a Los Angeles folk punk band that married traditional Mexican mariachi folk music with hardcore punk (think Flogging Molly but south of the border). They’re a sideproject of hardcore L.A. punk band The Bronx. I wasn’t actually crazy about their set but I was way too far away to really hear anything. I don’t enjoy both of their self-titled albums though and today’s song of the day is “48 Roses,” the best single off the second self-titled. It was the first song they played in their set so likely they just played their trump card too soon. I actually left this show a little early to get a good spot for Danny Brown. He’ll be up next.