Danny Brown raps about everything that I hate in hip-hop. He pretty much primarily talks about sex and drugs, and if there is a filthier rapper out there, he’s got to be in Odd Future (Tyler definitely gives Danny Brown a run for his money). Still, I fucking love Danny Brown. He takes vulgarity to such audacious levels that he manages to cross the line twice. His rhymes are just straight up hilarious. He got kicked off of 50 Cent’s G-Unit label for dressing too emo. He’s got a weird mohawk and wears skinny jeans (the jeans were apparently Fitty’s problem). His lyrics are filthy enough to earn an NC-17 rating twice over, but they’re incredibly intelligent. It’s littered with the dorkiest pop culture references, and I’m completely convinced that his hardcore gangsta rap delivery is meant to be a satire of how absurd the things rappers say. He’s just taking hardcore sexual rapping to its logical conclusion and showing you how ridiculous it is. He just happens to be fucking hilarious while doing it. Por ejemplo, “Your bitch said my dick tastes like tropical fruit Skittles, I’m bumping Bill Withers, Swishers on Schwarzenegger.” I’m not sure why, but that shit tickles my funny bone and all of his fucking songs are like that. I saw Danny Brown at Bonnaroo, and he might be the ugliest motherfucker on the planet, but dude puts on a great show.