Continuing my coverage of acts I saw at the 2012 Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival, we’ve arrived at the artist that I think is the most talented man in hip-hop right now whose name isn’t Kanye West. I pretty much worship at the feet of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, so that’s pretty high praise. Kendrick Lamar is the head of the L.A. based Black Hippy hip-hop collective (alongside Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul), and he was the only one to play at this year’s Bonnaroo. I’ve actually already used one of the songs he’s been featured on for this post (Ab-Soul’s “Illuminate” which features Kendrick on a killer verse). This track, “A.D.H.D.” is just Kendrick and it’s off his very excellent LP, Section.80. It was so fucking hard to pick which song off that album to choose for this post. My only requirement was that he played the song at Bonnaroo. There are a ton of excellent songs on Section.80, and I’ve really been into “HiiiPower” lately (because of its really cool use of Kanye West’s “So Apalled.”). So, I’m lazy, and I’m just going to go with one of the most notable of Lamar’s songs (in the off-chance there’s a music video). He played “A.D.H.D.” at the concert and it was certainly one of the biggest crowd-pleasers of the evening (along with “Hol’ Up” and “The Recipe).