Michael Kiwanuka is Otis Redding reborn. I say this to every single person I talk to as I try to preach the value of this incredibly talented young soul singer from England. I wrote an article for work where I counted down my Top 10 Acts that I saw at this year’s Bonnaroo. I mean I saw Radiohead, Feist, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beach Boys, Kendrick Lamar. I saw a ton of amazing acts. Michael Kiwanuka was only behind Bon Iver (Bon Iver is going to close out this whole series of Bonnaroo related posts) in terms of the best acts I saw the entire weekend. He was my first act for Friday and he became the standard to cross for all other sets and nobody did it til Sunday night. He’s that damn good. His songwriting is phenomenal. His voice is silky smooth and belies the fact that he’s only 24 years old. He’s got the world weary and deeply emotional voice of a much older man. His musicianship and backing band is top notch, and I’ve listened to his debut album Home Again several times now. It’s become my favorite album of 2012. Michael Kiwanuka is simply an astounding act. Van Morrison (Moondance era) meets Otis Redding. You can’t beat that, and almost no other acts at Bonnaroo did. Much like Kendrick Lamar, it was nearly impossible to pick one of his songs specifically to use for this post. Trust me. He’s going to become a staple of this feature. I’m obsessed with his album. So, I’ll just use the title track off the new album. It’s a wonderful tune. And I hope you all enjoy it.