I’m sad to report that Merill Garbus and crew, better known by their stage name of tUnE-yArDs, was a bit of a disappointment to me. Much like Radiohead’s disappointment (more on that in about a week), this wasn’t necessarily tUnE-yArDs’ fault but more centered around my complete inability to enjoy her set because of the sea of people that arrived for her show (which blocked my ability to see a damn thing during her set and watching Merill do all of her looping live is a serious part of the appeal of her live show). Still, even though I wasn’t really able to enjoy her set, she sounded fantastic as always and Merill without question has one of the best female voices in modern indie rock. Honestly, the only people that come close are like Bjork and Caroline Polachek (I can hear my managing editor having a fit because I gave praise to our Chairlift rival). I only stayed for about half of Merill’s set because I decided to try and get a good spot for Colin Hay (he’ll be up tomorrow and I was front row and it was awesome), so I’m going to abandon my usual rule about having to pick a song I heard the artist play in the set and just go with a really good Merill tune that actually has a music video. They played “Powa” which I really enjoy but it doesn’t have a video (I don’t think), so I’m going with the third best song off the album (I’m saving “Gangsta” for later).