On a list of things people don’t actually say very often, “I’m a huge Men at Work (the 80s band now the new TBS show) fan” is probably pretty high on the rare side of that equation. Regardless, I totally am. My dad bought me their greatest hits album in middle school after I had heard “Down Under” in music class, and I realized that wasn’t even one of their best songs (though I still love it). Seriously, download Contraband, their greatest hits album, and you will be astounded by how awesome these dudes sound (especially compared to a lot of their 80s peers). They’ve got a jazz meets reggae meets new wave thing going on that is very awesome. Enough raving about Men At Work though. I had the chance to see Colin Hay (front row!) at this year’s Bonnaroo. He’s the lead singer of Men At Work in addition to having a decent solo career. Right before I left for Bonnaroo, I happened to watch the episode of Scrubs (my sister is currently watching the entire series on Netflix) where Colin Hay sings “Overkill” and I was just dying to see if Colin Hay would perform it at Bonnaroo. He opened the set with it and he actually made my list of the top 10 acts I caught this year (you can read that list here). So, I’m going with the stripped down, acoustic version of “Overkill” that Colin Hay performs when he does his solo act. It’s a lot of fun.


Spotify is going to be a little complicated for this one. They don’t have the solo Colin Hay version of the song so in June’s playlist, it will be the Men at Work version of the song. Also, if you want ot hear the 2012 Playlist (as opposed to June’s), you can find that here.