Continuing my series about acts I caught at this year’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, we find ourselves back in the land of the British. Laura Marling is a British folk singer. She’s probably most well-known to some as the ex-girlfriend of Mumford and Sons frontman Marcus Mumford, but she’s also an accomplished musician in her own right. I was really excited to catch her act. I’ve really enjoyed her albums lately, but because I went to see Colin Hay before her, I got to her show right as it was starting and there wasn’t any real room to try and get a good view. So, I decided to rest my aching feet (a common theme of the weekend) and take a seat on the hill near the stage. I couldn’t see her very well but I could hear her fine. I actually wasn’t crazy about her song selection (another recurring theme of the weekend) as I wasn’t very familiar with many of the songs even though I’ve given most of her records at least a cursory listen. I didn’t hear a single one of the songs I wanted to hear (although there’s a chance I was distracted and missed something). So, I’m going to break my rule about only picking songs that the bands actually played and choose my favorite Laura Marling song instead. It’s off her newest (and lovely) record, A Creature I Don’t Know. It’s a bluegrass-tinged folk number called “All My Rage” that was one of the better folk tunes of last year. I hope to hear more from Laura Marling in the future (and try to see her in concert when I can actually see the stage).