I nearly forgot to do this post today. I’ve been sort of distracted. As mentioned earlier today, I started writing some stuff for the website of an independent film documentary about youth involvement in politics (though it’s more complicated than that) plus there was a new episode of True Blood tonight. My mind’s been elsewhere. That’s sad because this particular set was one of my favorite sets of this year’s Bonnaroo. I’m a big Broken Social Scene fan, and I really enjoy Leslie Feist’s solo work as well. It was pretty much a no-brainer that I was going to catch her show this year. I was actually second row basically for the set. It was awesome even though I ended up leaving half way through in an ill-guided attempt to get close for Radiohead (I decided, regrettably, to entirely skip St. Vincent’s set because I’m dumb). Feist was very impressive, and even more than on her albums, she rocked really hard. I don’t want to say “especially for a woman” because that’s sexist, but her guitar playing acumen translated much better live than it did on her records. It was really hard to pick which Feist song I wanted to use. She’s got like four albums, and there are a ton of great songs on each album. Her latest record, Metals, is especially chock-full of great singles. So, I decided to use my favorite song (for now. it could change cause there are so many good tunes) off her current record, “The Bad In Each Other.” It was the last song she played before I left to catch Radiohead (who will be up in two days because I ended up catching the band before them). It just sounded fantastic.