Here’s another act at this year’s Bonnaroo that I hadn’t originally intended on catching. While guitar virtuosos Rodrigo y Gabriela (this time at Bonnaroo featuring the full jazz band of C.U.B.A.) were playing, I had originally intended on seeing indie rock darling St. Vincent. However, I skipped her (and half the Feist set) because I wanted to get into the pit for Radiohead. That never wound up happening but I’ll tell you why during tomorrow’s Radiohead post. So, I wound up catching all of Rodrigo y Gabriela feat. C.U.B.A. I couldn’t actually see it all because I was in the perilously crowded line for Radiohead (I seriously thought I was going to die on several different occasions during the two and a half hour wait for Thom Yorke and crew) but I heard it all. It’s not necessarily the type of music that I’d listen to on a regular basis but jesus can Rodrigo y Gabriela play their guitars (plus their backing band added another layer of dynamic energy to the proceedings). I mean, just god damn. They were the two best non-bass guitar players I saw the whole festival (Flea gets the award for best guitarist if you take into account bass). So, if you’re into very complex and technically astounding guitar work, Rodrigo y Gabriela would certainly be for you.