I think I have way too much free time on my hands. After I finished my last post, a review of the George Stevens classic Giant, I was informed by the blog gods that that particular post was the 700th article I’ve written for my blog. That’s really weird to think about. If you throw in the over 300 articles I’ve written for my job as a music journalist, it means I’ve written over 1000 articles since February of last year. I write quickly. Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m prone to some grammatical errors here and there (in addition to minor spelling mistakes) because I put these posts out as quickly as I can. So, it’s just very odd to realize that I’ve amassed this large a body of writing since I started this blog. It doesn’t seem possible (and if it weren’t for two summers where I didn’t have an office job [I write for the music website in NYC from home here in WV because I’m finishing school) or class it wouldn’t be). I wouldn’t have had the energy and enthusiasm to keep all of this up if it weren’t for you regular readers who keep coming back despite the occasional long hiatuses I go on and the ultimately hit or miss quality of my writing. I’m actually still just trying to process this statistic. Not all of these are reviews. 70 are Song of the Day posts. And I’d say about 15 or so are little posts like this where I’m pondering some new milestone for my blog. However, I’m still really proud that I’ve kept up with this blog for so long and that I’ve got such a wide library of writing to show to people on here. It’s a cool feeling.

(that picture of me is like three years old so don’t judge. also it was from the first night I ever got sort of drunk so that’s why I look like I’m hammered)