Radiohead. The most important band since the Beatles. The band responsible for what I consider to easily be the greatest album of all time (Kid A). A band who seeing them live constituted a major entry on my bucket list. A band whose presence at Bonnaroo was the primary god damn reason that I bought a ticket in the first place. So, I’m sad to say that their set was one of the most miserable experiences of my entire life. It wasn’t because of their performance (although I was disappointed with the number of songs from the mediocre [by Radiohead standards] The King of Limbs). They sounded as phenomenal as ever and their sound translated great live. However, I waited two and a half hours to get into the pit for their show. In NYC if you’re more than half an hour early for a concert (unless we’re talking about Madison Square Garden), you’re going to most likely be in the front row but at the minimum, even at Terminal 5, you’ll be in the first four or five. I waited two and a half hours to get into the pit but because of the ass holes who were cutting in the line like mad men, I didn’t make it in. Not only did I not get in, I was the person at the rail when they stopped letting people in the pit (which meant I was watching the show from an absolutely miserable angle where I could almost never see the band). I had to watch dozens of people jump the fence while I sat there and tried to follow the rules like a good little citizen. However, they did play many of the songs I wanted to hear (“Idioteque,” “Everything in Its Right Place,” “Reckoner,” “Lotus Flower”), and they finally let me into the pit for the final two songs. The best song of the evening was saved for last (when I finally had a good view) and Radiohead just melted my brain with their live version of “Paranoid Android.” It was just crazy good. Hopefully, the next time I see Radiohead, it won’t be in a festival environment, and I’ll have paid, nice, guaranteed seats near the stage (first world problems. I know).