Now, we have finally reached Saturday at Bonnaroo. I was supposed to see 70s soul singer Darondo (experiencing a career resurgence because of a well-placed song in Breaking Bad) but he was sick and canceled his set. However, it wasn’t a big deal because I made some friends as I sat in the shade-covered This Tent. Finally at 2 PM, underground, alternative hip-hop act Das Racist took the stage. They were pretty awesome and their stage energy was outrageous. I’m 100% certain that Kool A.D. was wasted beyond belief (and Heems might have been pretty fucked up too) but they still managed to put on a great show. It was sort of hard to understand their rapping but I blame that more on how close I was to the stage instead of them mumbling. I’ve determined that for 85% of shows, if you’re too close to the stage, you can’t hear the vocals very well. I definitely want to actually sit down and listen to more of their albums though. They put on a great live show and their lyricism is smart and hilarious in the songs I’ve heard. So, without further ado, “Michael Jackson.”