I finally watched The Artist today. It was good but it was far from the Best Picture of the year. I could probably name five or six movies from last year that I thought were better and The Tree of Life was simply in a different class of film making from everything else in 2011. The review would have been up already but my dad, my sister, and I just got dinner with one of my foster sisters who’s all grown up that I haven’t seen in several years and we went to the mall before hand so there hasn’t been a lot of free time today. I would review it right now but I feel like I’m dying a little bit. I think I got food poisoning at the Chinese restaurant where we ate. We shall see. I also didn’t sleep well last night so there’s a healthy chance I’ll be in bed at normal people hours instead of 4 or 5 AM like I have the last two or three weeks. Anyways, for my song of the day, we continue our Bonnaroo series. This time it’s electronic rock act Battles. This is a pretty niche band, but I thought they put on a hell of a show. As a matter of fact, I named them the sixth best band I saw that crazy ass weekend. For three dudes without a live vocalist, they created an impressive wall of sound and their songs are catchy as hell despite not having real vocalists (though this song sort of does). This song, “Ice Cream,” is off their latest album and it’s easily my favorite Battles song. Enjoy.

Warning. Because of some slight nudity, the music video is not safe for work.