So, I’m guessing that considering the fact that I updated this blog for at least 70 days straight (with my Bonnaroo hiatus being the sole exception) some of my readers might think something happened to me. Those of you who are from WV will know why I’ve been AWOL since Friday instead of reviewing things like the blogging addict I’ve become. Everybody else probably thought I fell down a coal mine (or the fact that I wasn’t writing didn’t register at all because people aren’t actually paying attention to this bad boy). Anyways, a truly massive storm rocked WV on Friday evening, and it knocked out the power in most of the state for several days. As far as I know, there are still sections of the state without power. It took about 24 hours for my electricity to come back on, but we were without and phone and internet til about twenty minutes ago. It sucked. I couldn’t even play the computer games that I own on Steam. You’re supposed to be able to play them in “Offline Mode” but I kept getting an error message. So, yeah, I’m alive. I’m not dead or sick or in the hospital. I just had to rough it a couple days. I’ve got four posts in my back log to put up for you today. I’ve got a disc of Angel. I’ve got Catching Fire. I’ve got Sunday’s episode of True Blood. And I’ve got a movie that I’m going to review that I won’t reveal until I review it for maximum shock value. Enjoy the deluge of posts. Oh, I’ve also got a Song of the Day post since I missed three straight of them in conditions that were beyond my control.