I’m still really pissed off that my otherwise (Bonnaroo the planned exception) perfect streak of maintaining this Song of the Day series fell apart. It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t have electricity or phone or internet, but it still irritates me. And with that caveat aside, let’s get back to the way I originally planned to write this post on Friday.

A bluegrass cover of the title track of arguably the greatest album of all time by the most important band since the Beatles. Wait what? I know. I know. That shouldn’t make any sense to any one else either. Yet, a cover of “Kid A” by alt-country band Punch Brothers proved to be one of the coolest performances that I saw at this year’s Bonnaroo. I didn’t originally intend on seeing Punch Brothers. They were playing at the same time as electronic act SBTRKT who I wanted to see, but Punch Brothers were the act at the Which Stage before Childish Gambino, and I really wanted to be in the pit for his show (which turned out much better than me skipping St. Vincent to get into the pit for Radiohead. I’m still irritated when I think about that). So, I caught about half of Punch Brothers set. When this song came on, I was really fucking confused. Yet, after I got through the initial confusion, I realized how awesome this cover sounded. Obviously, it’s not as good as the original, but if you have an open mind whatsoever, it sounds really cool, and I highly employ all Radiohead fans and all bluegrass fans to check it out.


I missed the last two days of June so obviously June’s Song of the Day playlist on Spotify is finished. I highly recommend checking it out if you’ve enjoyed the music I’ve put on here. That’s basically what it is (with one or two exceptions here and there if Spotify didn’t have the song). Also, since it’s now July, I would also recommend subscribing to July’s newly formed playlist so you can know what the song of the day will be a couple hours before everybody else. It will be a fun trip. You can find it here. Since I didn’t do a post yesterday, obviously this means that there’s only one song on the playlist now but it will grow quickly.