I nearly forgot to do this post. I just spent the last two hours playing Chrono Trigger (in the continuing series of Don putting dozens hours of RPGs and never actually beating them), and I was about to start watching Being John Malkovich (yep that’s my next movie review) when I remembered that I hadn’t done my Song of the Day post yet. We’re one step closer to being done with Saturday (Sunday was only three acts for me so it will be short) at Bonnaroo. After Childish Gambino’s set, I bought some pizza, filled up my water bottles (though I still managed to be dehydrated to the point of passing out by the time Red Hot Chili Peppers finished), and made my way to the What Stage to see the Roots and the Red Hot Chili Peppers who were on next. I missed the beginning of the Roots set but since I don’t know that many of their songs, that was okay. I’m not all that familiar with their music. I’ve never gotten into the Roots (though every time I listen to their tunes, I really enjoy them), but they sounded really fantastic. They had the energy and improvisational nature of a jam band and they were a great fusion of hip-hop and rock (as well as jazz at times). I just picked a song off their greatest hits album that I really like. I’m not sure if they played it at this year’s Bonnaroo. So, enjoy “Proceed 2” by the Roots.