I have attention deficit disorder or something. I just added a whole new group of films to my master list for the blog (I incorporated films from the popular book series, 1001 Movies to See Before You Die) and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last two days. I’ve also redone my Netflix queue to accommodate this newly populated and newly randomized list. So, once again, I nearly forgot to do my Song of the Day post. That should honestly be the catch phrase of this series since I nearly forget to do it 75% of the time. We’re down to the second to last band that I saw at Bonnaroo this year (I was so emotionally overwhelmed by the strength of Bon Iver’s haunting performance that I knew any thing else the rest of the day would be a let down), and it was none other than the absolutely legendary Beach Boys. This isn’t the Beach Boys that’s been touring the country for the last twenty years (which is to say different incarnations with only one or two members). This was the first time that the entire Beach Boys (well, the living ones anyway) had been together in decades. And it was awesome. Like with Gary Clark Jr., I was in line for Bon Iver so I couldn’t see the stage very well, but I could hear them and they haven’t lost an ounce of their glorious ability to harmonize. I cried a little bit when they performed “God Only Knows.” It was just gorgeous. I’m picking “Do You Wanna Dance” (instead of a more prominent Beach Boys song) because I want to save their best songs for more special and personal occasions. If you have the chance, catch the Beach Boys now. You won’t have very many other opportunities.