I’m almost a little bit embarrassed by how much I enjoy Canadian rock veterans Our Lady Peace. They’re pretty standard 90s alt rock and some people even classify them as post-grunge (which is the dirtiest word to indie music fans that I can think of next to “bro-step.” Yet, I interviewed the band and saw them in concert in New York City, and I really fucking dig them. Raine Maida’s got a stellar voice and his lyricism is a notch above most major label alt-rock acts. I’ve actually already used one of their songs as my song of the day. I used one of their earlier tunes, “Superman’s Dead,” back at the beginning of the summer. So, I feel even more guilty because today’s song, “Innocent,” is without question their most mainstream sounding and broad appeal track (along with “Somewhere Out There” which got a brief resurgence of fame when an American Idol contestant covered it a couple years ago). But, even the hipster in me can’t give a shit that this is a straight up pop-rock song because “Innocent” is so damn catchy. Raine Maida’s got a great ear for lyrical hooks and this was one of the last songs from their mid-period in their 20 year career where he was still using his very distinct falsetto in a major manner. Anyways, I hope you enjoy. It’s easily one of the best crossover pop-rock tunes from the early 2000s.


Yesterday’s Bon Iver post was the end of the Bonnaroo-related Song of the Day posts so I’m back to picking bands just by what I’m feeling at the moment. Obviously, that makes things difficult for me again because for literally the last month (almost to the day), I didn’t have to make any real decisions. I had to pick the song but I didn’t have to pick a band. Hopefully, I can get back into my pre-Bonnaroo flow. Anyways, if you want to check out the still-growing July Song of the Day playlist on Spotify, you can find it here.