After a month of (mostly) newer acts, I’m going to try and work my way backwards a little bit and pick some older bands for this Song of the Day series. Since we’re getting to the point where bands from the early 90s are becoming classic rock (how weird is that for all of my fellow 90s youths), we’ll start with the late 90s and and work back from there. One of my favorite 90s indie rock/pop bands is of course seminal Scottish band Belle and Sebastian. While I’m embarrassed that I learned about them because of (500) Days of Summer, that movie had a pretty wonderful soundtrack (even though they actually weren’t on it ironically enough) so I don’t have to feel too guilty. One of their best albums is 1998’s The Boy With the Arab Strap, and today’s track is the album’s eponymous single. It’s a beautiful pop song but the line “Color my life with the chaos of trouble because anything’s better than posh isolation” is just perfect. There’s a ton of other great tracks on the album (“A Summer Wasting” and “It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career” immediately spring to mind) and I’m not even sure if “The Boy With the Arab Strap” is my favorite, but I’m heading to Wheeling Island to play in a Texas Hold’Em tournament and I’m leaving in 20 minutes so I don’t have time to put that much thought in it. Enjoy.