Continuing my trend (for however long my patience for it lasts) of trying to use older songs after a month straight of mostly newer bands for Bonnaroo, my Song of the Day series takes its second turn towards Goth Rock (the first was “Pictures of You” by The Cure). Depeche Mode’s seminal album Violator might sound like it came right out of the 80s but with a release date in 1990, it remains one of the greatest album of the 90s. I know what you’re thinking. Why am I not using “Personal Jesus”, the most famous track on the album? There’s your answer and also, it’s just not one of my favorite tracks on the CD. There are a ton of amazing tracks on this nearly perfect record, but I was mostly torn between “World In Your Eyes” and “Sweetest Perfection.” I went with the latter, and I’m still not entirely sure why. There’s just a dark, seething, angry sexuality to this music. It’s very intimately sexual, but when it’s over, you feel a little filthy for having listened to it. I get the same response from Bjork a lot of the times. Anyways, enjoy. (I told you I’d do an actual movie review today).