I’m still working my way backwards after all of the new bands for Bonnaroo. I’ll probably try to pepper in some newer stuff to make up for any old music ennui, but for now, my Song of the Day is kicking it old school. Of course, thankfully, there’s still plenty of great independent music from before 1990 so that I don’t have to make all of my older choices established classics (although there’s nothing wrong with using those tracks). I’ve become a big They Might Be Giants fan ever since I covered one of their concerts in New York City for work. It’s the second best concert I’ve been too (behind Bon Iver at Bonnaroo and barely edging out the Shins in New York). Though TMBG experienced most of their fame in the 90s, they have a pretty seminal album (for indie music fans) from the late 80s, the classic Lincoln. Picking a song off of it was pretty easy. I’m going with my all-time favorite They Might Be Giants song, “Ana Ng.” It’s just a perfect, catchy, weird, and awesome post-punk rocker. It’s got the typical TMBG weirdness but it’s also one of their more low-key songs (i.e. it doesn’t involve a personification of a particle or explaining that Istanbul is no longer called Constantinople). After I saw them live, I probably listened to this song at least a dozen or so times a day for about three weeks.