A while back, I made post urging my readers to donate to the Kickstarter campaign  of an independent documentary called Follow the Leader which is a real life political coming of age story about three fellow Millennials with presidential ambitions as the film follows them for four of the most formative years of their live to see their ambitions, their involvement, and their drive but also the social and psychological factors that drew them to politics in the first place. It’s an excellent film. I wrote an essay (which was split into three parts) for the film’s website about my personal experience watching Follow the Leader as a young Millennial who once had grand political ambitions but became jaded and cynical of the whole political process. I promised you all in my original post that I’d put up a link to those pieces and I hope you all enjoy it and take a chance to check out what my friend Jonathan Goodman-Levitt is trying to do with this very important and ambitious documentary.

“Through the Political Looking Glass”

Part 1 – Years of Change One Never Sees

Part 2 – Catharsis and Revelations

Part 3 – See It If You Dare: This Film Could Improve Our Country