I found myself forced to take a break from my older music phase for my Song of the Day series because a damn good album was just released and it’s been consuming my attention like no other album of the year. Frank Ocean, the resident crooner of Odd Future and a dude who is way to fucking talented to be in that group of kids, just released his debut studio album, channel ORANGE, and it’s good. It’s really good. Like, best album of the year so far good. The only thing that’s really come close is the new Beach House album (although to be fair, I have heard Fiona Apple’s new CD). I’ve listened to the album like four times in the last two days. And you can damn well guarantee that I’m going to end up listening to it another twenty times before the week is out. I didn’t know which song to pick off the album cause there are so many great ones. “Sweet Life,” “Pyramids,” and “Thinkin Bout You” were the big three options, and the latter won out. I can basically promise the other two will end up here eventually. Anyways, this song is just a killer R&B tune that takes on even new layers of intimacy and power when you realize that it’s part of the bigger coming out story that Frank Ocean has recently been telling (as one of the first major figures in the hip-hop/R&B industry to come out of the closet). Enjoy.