Okay. The hipster in me couldn’t keep doing almost nothing but old music. I’m going to try to make it a 66/33 split between new and old stuff, respectively. I used to listen to nothing but old music, and the fact that I know every contour of their melodies and ever word of their lyrics means that a lot of classic rock songs have just gotten too familiar for me. I like finding new bands. I like stretching my musical horizons. And I like the idea that I can introduce my readers to tunes that they’ve never heard before. Although I’m still not sure if any one ever actually plays the youtube videos because that doesn’t come off in the “links clicked” metric on my site’s statistics. But hopefully it’s some of you at least. I’d have to wager from the comments section that I occasionally get that some of you are. Anyways, this is a great tune by indie bluegrass outfit Trampled by Turtles. Not only do they have just one of the coolest band names ever, they make really catchy and technically engaging bluegrass music. Their big single, “Wait So Long,” has been getting a lot of play from me the last two months (even though it’s a two year old song. I only just now discovered it). The fiddle solos are fantastic. Side note, I’ve decided to stop reviewing television. Which sucks cause Breaking Bad just started and it’s awesome, but I just don’t have the time anymore. I barely have time to review movies but I’ll make that effort (cause it’s what I want to do for a living).