Annie Clark is the best thing to happen to women in rock and roll since Joan Jett and Stevie Nicks. Except, she’s so much better. A killer guitarist, a killer lyricist, a woman with serious ideas on how to make serious and complex music. (Least importantly but just as awesome) the sexiest frontwoman in the history of indie rock (sorry Kim Gordon). Annie Clark’s got it all. She should be a huge star. St. Vincent finally crossed as much into the mainstream as I think they ever will last year when lots of major publications started paying a lot of attention to the very excellent Strange Mercy which made many End of Year lists. It’s a superb album, and I’m going to be kicking myself for the rest of my life about my stupid fucking decision to try and get into the pit for Radiohead (which I failed at achieving despite showing up two and a half hour early) and thus skip St. Vincent’s set (which was a significant portion of the reason I bought my Bonnaroo ticket in the first place). There’s a lot of great singles on Strange Mercy (I’m especially partial to “Cheerleader”) but I wanted to demonstrate her most broad appealing tune so I’m going with “Cruel,” which was one of the best singles of last year and also had one of the best music videos. Enjoy.