First off, “Pixies” is the official title of the band. Yes, you usually call them “the Pixies” but the “the” is not the official part of the band’s name. Now that that’s settled (before I get any douchey comments about the title of the post being wrong), let us continue. We’ve reached the older band section of this site and what band had more influence on alternative rock in the 90s than the Pixies. One of the bands (along with the Smiths, the Cure, R.E.M., and Sonic Youth) to define what rock and roll meant in the 90s for serious music fans (cause f*** that hair metal shit), Pixies are the quintessential sloppy (in a good way), visceral noise rock/surf rock band. It’s not a stretch to say that grunge wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them. Kurt Cobain has even gone on to say that they (along with surprisingly Boston) were the biggest influence on Nirvana’s sound. “Here Comes Your Man” off their seminal album, Doolittle, might seem like an easy choice, but it’s an easy choice for a good reason. I still can’t believe they let Jonathan Goodman-Levitt near this classic in (500) Days of Summer.