Writing about that Zeus concert at Mercury Lounge two days ago for my Song of the Day made me remember the band that I was originally there to cover in the first place, Eight and a Half. Canada’s ultimate supergroup, Broken Social Scene, is on an indefinite hiatus so the only way you’ll be able to see any of the members right now is in their solo stuff (Feist) or in their side projects. Thus, I found myself covering the second ever concert of Eight and a Half, the side band of BSS’s drummer Justin Peroff. They’ve got a really good self-titled debut album, and there are a couple of good singles on the album. The song that allowed me to discover Eight and a Half in the first place was the excellent “Go Ego.” Actually, the more I think about that evening at Mercury Lounge the more I realize that it was one of the most unexpectedly fun nights of my entire semester in NYC. It wasn’t as good as the Shins or They Might Be Giants, but I wasn’t expecting it to be. So the fact that I had an awesome time that evening was especially enjoyable. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the single.