Looking back, it’s weird that Vampire Weekend was one of the indie bands to cross into the mainstream. At a purely melodic and hook level, it totally makes sense. These guys have a Paul McCartney ear for crafting catchy (and somewhat silly) pop tunes and their love of world music (along with Ezra Koenig’s vocals) is more than a little reminiscent of mid-period Paul Simon. Yet, they are one of the most straight up pretentious bands that I can think of. I mean for Christ’s sake, they have a song dedicated to the Oxford fucking Comma. Rather than trying to play up some fictional blue-collar roots, they nearly troll their listeners by singing not entirely ironic odes to their semi-privileged upbringing. They’re the sort of band you hate that you love, but you can’t deny their cleverness and sense of humor for a second. Take today’s Song of the Day for example. It’s called “Horchata” and is like a name-drop of one yuppie pleasure after another. Once again, it’s almost like they’re trolling their haters. Somehow, this manages to be the single best song on their last album. I don’t know how the hell it worked. I also don’t know how “Cousins” is on the same album but that’s a story for another day. Enjoy.