I’m going to keep this post short because I just worked an eight hour shift at the mall. It’s my first job where I’ve been on my feet for hours at a time (not counting concerts in NYC) since May of 2011. Long time readers (and I mean long time as in people who were here when I started in February of last year) know that I used to work at a mall at an FYE. Because if I’m going to work in retail, it makes sense for me to sell music and movies (as I finish school). Well, after being away from the company for a year (having spent half of that time at a High Life Lounge as a bar tender and the other half in New York City), I’m back because I can work normal hours there that don’t interfere with my schooling (which was not the case at the graveyard shift heavy bar). My song of the day is the theme song (as performed in the first season) of the single greatest television show of all time, The Wire. Although originally recorded by Tom Waits in 1987, The Wire used a cover of the song by The Blind Boys of Alabama for the shows inaugural season (Tom Waits was used in season 2). This is my favorite version of the song and my dad just got me a book about The Wire which will obviously be consuming a lot of my time.


For those who haven’t seen The Wire, that introductory dialogue is from the very first scene of the show between gung-ho (but deeply flawed) Baltimore detective Jimmy McNulty and a young street tough that he’s questioning about a homicide.