So, I was playing Rock Band with my little sister today. We used to fight like cats and dogs but ever since I started college many moons ago, we’ve gotten along significantly better. Rock Band is one of the activities we can partake in together without eventually wanting to kill each other. One of the songs that came up during our jam session was “Feel the Pain” by seminal indie rock band, Dinosaur Jr. Of course, the age difference (and taste difference) between my sister and I showed up because she had never heard of them before we played the song. If there is one thing that Dinosaur Jr. is known for (besides epic debates on how to pronounce J. Mascis’ name) it’s their loudness, and “Feel the Pain” is one of their tunes that subverts that whole trend (at least partially). I’m not sure why I like the song so much. It’s just a great lo-fi indie rock tune. Enjoy.