The greatest single of the 2000s? I’m not sure I’ll go quite that far but it’s certainly in the top 3. “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem is the anthem of the Millennial hipster generation. Our parents had “Baba O’Riley.” We’ve got our own bad-ass ode to a less than glamorous maturity. If there isn’t at least one line in this song that you can’t relate to (and you were born after 1983 or so), then you never really had a young adulthood. I take back my comment from my Bon Iver song of the day post for “Towers.” James Murphy is indie rock’s least likely frontman. He’s even more flabby and out of shape than Justin Vernon. But, his incredibly danceable beats, catchy lyrics, and spot-on sense of the mood of legions of disaffected youngsters (who prefer irony to angst. That was so early 1990s) make LCD Soundsystem one of the most treasured bands of the 2000s. Words can’t begin to describe how pissed I am that I’ll never see them live. I’m more upset that I’ll never see LCD Soundsystem than that I’ll never see the White Stripes. It just sucks but I’ll deal with it. So, enjoy one of the best tunes about what it’s like to be young and smart and having a good time to come out of the 2000s (or ever). James Murphy, we salute you.

I chose this song to celebrate the 100th Song of the Day for my blog. it’s weird that I’ve managed to keep this up for so long (except for Bonnaroo and that absurd power outage) but I’ve enjoyed it and it will remain a part of this blog for the foreseeable future.