Repeat after me. “I nearly forgot to do this today…” It’s become the catch phrase of the Song of the Day series. True Blood was on tonight (readers can remember that I’ve decided to stop reviewing TV altogether because I have a job again [I had two until the Kickstarter campaign for the documentary film I was working on finally finished] and school’s starting soon), and when it was over, I started watching some Parks and Recreations with my sister. I was looking at the clock when I realized how late it was, yelled “Fuck!” and ran into my bedroom to do this post. Because I forgot to do this earlier, I’m going to eschew picking a song from this year or last year (mainly because I’m now semi-out of the loop again about this year’s good tunes since I’m not in NY anymore) and instead go back to 2010. I played Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” for my sister earlier today to see if she’d like it (she didn’t), and I was reminded of how much I dug this song when it first came out. It’s definitely one of the best dance-pop tunes of the decade so far. Enjoy.