My sister told our dog to “Go outside!” today and I immediately started humming the lead single off of 2011’s best debut, the self-titled Cults. It was quickly apparent what my Song of the Day should be. Here’s a band that I really want to see live but they never actually played any where in NYC last Spring. The closest they came was a concert at Maxwell’s in NJ (which my boss covered. 😦 ). They are definitely on my list of bands I really want to see live. There are a lot of great singles on Cults, and I’m really excited for Cults to release their sophomore album though I don’t know if they have any plans to actually work on one any time soon. Although “Go Outside” lacks a lot of the 1960s Motown meets surfer rock vibe of the rest of the album, it’s easily the catchiest tune on an album that includes “Oh My God.” Hopefully, they’ll be back in NYC by the time I finally return because this young duo has a ton of promise.