One of the first concerts I covered in New York City (it was the third technically) was the record release party for Brooklyn indie rock/pop act Hospitality. Their song “Friends of Friends” has already been the Song of the Day (and there are a couple of other singles on the album that could be great Song of the Day material). There were two opening acts that night and the first one was Dustin Wong. Dustin Wong is a solo artist. When he went on stage, all I could wonder was what is this tiny little Asian man going to do with all of those pedals. The answer was, “Blow my mind.” He created this looping tapestry of guitar sounds all live and it was phenomenal. Each song came to sort of a sudden end (which was my big complaint about his album) but the kid was a technical wizard. I enjoyed Hospitality’s set more because they’re an actual band and I was already familiar with their music, but Dustin Wong left the biggest impression of the evening. If you’re in to avant-garde, experimental guitar music, Dustin Wong is awesome and so is this almost absurdly psychedelic music video.


Yesterday’s Song of the Day, “Go Outside,” was the final Song of the Day for July. So, if you’re interested in checking out the completed July Song of the Day playlist on Spotify, you can find that here! For those who are interested in August’s playlist, it only has one song at the moment, but subscribers (which is free obviously) will know my song of the day hours before everybody else. You can find it here. There’s also the playlist for all of 2012 so far which can be found here.