Sorry that there hasn’t been a real movie review in a couple days. I’ve been in the process of moving (again) from Philippi to Morgantown. So, between all of the packing and the drives back and forth among geographically disparate counties, my time has been less available than usual. I’m going to watch a movie tonight before I go to bed (and get the review finished tomorrow before I head to work) so there will be at least one movie review between now and tomorrow’s Song of the Day. Back to the business at hand. I hate Courtney Love, but god damnit, Hole was a great band in their prime. Case in point. “Celebrity Skin.” The only other chick who could rock as hard as Courtney Love back in the 90s was Shirley Manson with Garbage (whose new album is actually pretty good). I’m going to get started on watching some movie ASAP so I’ll leave you all with this short and sweet post.