Is there a better garage rock band than the Strokes? The White Stripes maybe but since their music is apples and oranges, it’s understandable why some people may be confused when they’re lumped together into the same genre. I know I promised everyone a real movie review today before I did my song of the day post, but I went out drinking last night with some friends (instead of staying in, home and by myself to review a movie) and I worked today so I never really had a chance to get around to righting that wrong. I’m sorry. Since I work again tomorrow, there’s a decent chance that we’ll go another day without a movie review. We shall see. I hope not. Anyways, my boss from New York City (as opposed to my boss at the mall here in WV) and I were talking about the Strokes today and how Julian Casablancas writes all of his music on the piano before the band turns it into fuzzed out/reverbed craziness. I started gushing about how much I love “Reptilia” and it was a simple choice for my song of the day. Enjoy.