Last year had a ton of contenders for “Best Music Video.” “Midnight City” by M83 had cinematic pretensions. “Cruel” by St. Vincent perfectly gelled with the sexual (as in gender-based) themes of Strange Mercy. “Calamity Song” by the Decemberists was just straight nerdy fun that managed to deliberately evoke Infinite Jest. Who the fuck does that but Colin Meloy? “Kaputt” by Destroyer was just weird as hell but also quite awesome and few things can match the beauty of “Holocene.” However, did any of those videos have the immediacy of Tyler, the Creator’s viral smash “Yonkers.” I think everybody can remember their reaction the first time they saw the video for this song and it mostly involved something like “What the fuck am I watching?” (in a good way). Tyler (and by proxy the rest of Odd Future) are definitely a hit and miss crew, but much like “Oldie,” “Yonkers” was a cruise missile to the face. Whether it’s Tyler’s contradictory rhymes, his endless pop culture references, or the brilliance of the music video, just about every aspect of “Yonkers” was a success.