Girls broke up 😦 . I mean, I guess the band didn’t officially break up but Christopher Owens left. As the primary songwriter and vocalist, that’s pretty much the band breaking up. It sucks for all of the fans of their drugged-out, psychedelic noise rock. Christopher Owens is certainly one of indie rock’s better lyricists and I hope he has plans to continue with a solo career of some kind. But if the critical response was any indication, last year’s Father, Son, Holy Ghost is a hell of a swan song. I’m about to go on vacation so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do my Song of the Day posts. If there’s internet in my hotel, then yes I will. If not, then no. Anyways, I figure what better choice for my Song of the Day before I’m possible gone for five days than the lead single off of Girls’ album from last year, “Vomit.” It’s an awesome track that is Pink Floyd meets Spiritualized. It is also heart-wrenching in a way that only Christopher Owens can be. Enjoy.