For those of you that read Monday’s Song of the Day post for the big single off of San Francisco indie band Girls’ last album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, you might know that I went on vacation. For those of you who didn’t… I went on vacation. Barring trips like Bonnaroo or multi-day power outages, I always update my Song of the Day every day. However, I just went on vacation with my dad and sister (we’re all getting older. We won’t have many family vacations to look forward to), and there wasn’t any internet in our hotel room. There was some in the Rotunda area but it was slow as hell, and I just didn’t want to hassle with it. So, that’s why there wasn’t a song of the day for the last three days. Sorry people. I’m about to do one right now though. We went to Cedar Point mainly but today we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (it’s like my third visit but my dad’s first), and the latter should give me plenty of ideas for older songs to use in addition to the lesser known indie stuff that I usually post.


That’s a picture of my sister and I (as in the sister I talk about fairly regularly on here). Although we both look like we’re in our early to mid-teens, she’s 18 (turns 19 in like two weeks) and I’m 23. It’s weird that we look so young.