Sorry. I worked all day and am about to get drinks with a friend. I’ll turn this into a real post when I get home (which will likely be after midnight).

Well, I promised to turn this into a real post. Here it goes. Chairlift is an interesting band for me. The company that I worked for in NYC ( sort of had a beef with Brooklyn new wave revivalist band Chairlift. They played a corporate concert and they so completely half-assed said show that the company (before I worked there) felt the need to publicly decry their pitiful performance in an article. Weirdly enough, despite this spat, Chairlift’s newest album, Something, was the first album that I ever reviewed at Baeble. I wasn’t crazy about it but I certainly enjoyed it. However, I instantly fell in love with the album’s lead single “Amanaemonesia” and it’s bat-shit insane music video (which you can find below). It was on a steady repeat for most of my stay in NYC. They were also the opening band when I saw the Shins at Terminal 5. They definitely kicked all sorts of ass and since I had already seen Real Estate live (which was one of the two other openers for The Shins three night stay at T5), I’m glad I had the opportunity to see them live as well. I hope everybody enjoys this tune and sorry for the original half-assed post. That wasn’t my goal when I started the day.