Here’s a semi-obscure band that I’m fairly certain was only really getting any actual attention from Baeble but damn, they have some good singles. Here We Go Magic is a indie rock band from Brooklyn that combines absurdly catchy tunes with this cool/weird combination of psychedelia and New Wave music. I’m going to just go ahead and call them “psych wave.” I’m a rock journalist. I can make up new genres if I want to. Lord knows that referring to anything simply as an “indie” band was enough to send my managing editor over the deep end. And he’s right. “Indie” has become a pretty meaningless “catch-all” term for writers who can’t come up with something clever to say about the band. Anyways, enough rambling about the limited vocabulary that plagues music journalism. If you like psychedelic pop with a hint of electronic influences, you’ll definitely dig Here We Go Magic, the song “How Do I Know,” and also it’s cool music video about robots.