Hey Everybody! This post is primarily for people who Follow the blog here on WordPress. I know you are the people that already come back on a regular basis and enjoy reading my posts. I just wanted to let everybody know that Hot Saas’s Pop Culture Safari finally has a Facebook page. I had seen how so many people who “like” my posts or follow me on here have a sidebar on their blogs where you could like their website’s Facebook page, and I figured it was high time that I got my own. So, if you already follow the blog (and assuming you have a Facebook), why not take a second out of your time and like the Facebook page over on the sidebar. If you’d prefer to actually check out the facebook page, you can find that here at http://www.facebook.com/HotSaasPopCultureSafari . The Facebook page has some pretty neat things that aren’t on the actual blog. I’ve got photo albums (that I’m currently working on completing) where I’ve archived all of my film reviews by organizing the movies by the score I gave them and then putting that information with a theatrical poster of the film. It’s a great visual representation of all the work I’ve put into this blog over the last year and a half. Anyways, please like the Facebook page everybody! I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!