So, apparently today’s the ten year anniversary of Turn on the Bright Lights, the breakthrough album of indie rock darlings, Interpol. What the fuck!? When have I started to get this old? Arcade Fire’s classic album Funeral will have its decade anniversary in two years. Before you know it, I’m going to blink and I’ll be an old talking about how great music was in my day. I don’t want to be that man. Anywho, since it’s Turn on the Bright Lights‘ birthday, I figured why not make the premiere track off the album my Song of the Day. So, we’re going with “PDA,” one of the first indie rock songs that I truly fell in love with. Much like LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends,” this is just one of those tunes that seems to capture modern youth in a truer way than any one else. It also doesn’t hurt that Interpol sounds like the 2000s answer to Joy Division either. Joy Division rocked. So, enjoy.