Long time readers (specifically long time readers of my Song of the Day series) may remember that I interviewed seminal 90s pop-punk band Eve 6. I also reviewed their new album, Speak In Code, and I also caught them in concert. They were great but their openers were some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Just ever. The new album was actually pretty good. It wasn’t great or anything, but as a comeback album from guys making music that isn’t really relevant anymore, it was surprisingly fun. The nostalgia alone was worth the price of admission for anybody who grew up on “Inside Out” or “Here’s to the Night” (and let’s face it. “Here’s To the Night” was played at every high school graduation ever). They’ve got a new single called “Victoria” that was the best thing on the album, and it really just captured the energy of old-school Eve 6 while simultaneously placing their music in the context of modern pop-punk acts like the Killers. It’s silly, but in that good sort of way, and it’s absurdly catchy. Enjoy.