This is the song where I lose all of my readers. Or I lose at least 75% of you. Animal Collective is one of the most divisive bands in recent memories. For the people who are familiar with their freak folk/experimental pop tunes, there is no middle ground. You are either loyal converts of the Collective, or you despise them as overhyped, crazy people making music that only stoners could possibly appreciate. I’m in the first category. Merriweather Post Pavillion is one of the top 20 albums of the 2000s and Panda Bear’s solo album Person Pitch is in the top 5. They are at the perfect crossroads between the harmonized pop melodies of Pet Sounds and the forefront of the avant-garde music scene. They rewrote all of the rules of popular music while simultaneously striking this eerie chord to the very building blocks of pop and psychedelic rock. They’ve got a new album coming out in a couple weeks. I’m incredibly excited. They just released the video for Centipede Hz‘s lead single, “Today’s Supernatural,” and I thought when will there be a better chance for me to use an Animal Collective tune. I actually still can’t believe I haven’t used one yet. This song is a grower but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite tunes of the year, and the video is pure bat shit insanity. The rule. Never drop acid with Avey Tare.