I’ve gradually come to the conclusion that Fear Fun by Father John Misty and Home Again by Michael Kiwanuka are the two most under-rated albums of the year. They both have an almost absurdly deep field of great singles, and they’ve both gotten essentially no attention from the music press (especially Home Again). Father John Misty (also known as J. Tillman) was the drummer for Fleet Foxes, one of indie rock’s most beloved acts, so I still can’t get over how little attention he gets. Anyways, I just found out that there’s a music video for one of my favorite Fear Fun singles, “Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings,” starring the sultry Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreations (although she is intentionally and decidedly un-sexy in this video). Seriously, if you somehow haven’t heard about this record yet. Check out this track, “Nancy From Now On”, and “This Is Sally Hatchett” which are all great tunes with really great music videos. This guy deserves to be more famous.