One of the last concerts that I was supposed to cover last spring in NYC was a show for baroque pop artist and violin master Andrew Bird. However, at the last second (and I’m presuming because Baeble was a smaller publication), my press pass got taken away. It was okay though. I would have loved the show, but I’m not a huge Andrew Bird fan (though I enjoyed his last album, Break It Yourself). It would have been really cool to see his musicianship in a live setting. The kid I traveled to Bonnaroo with says Bird is really impressive live so it was a missed opportunity. Anyways, for reasons that I’m not entirely sure of, I was thinking about Andrew Bird today, and although “Eyeoneye” isn’t my favorite track off the album (that’s either “Orpheo Looks Back” or “Hole in the Ocean Floor), it’s the most well-known track of the album with the most possible mass appeal. So, if you enjoy violin music and indie pop, give this a twirl.